6 Tips for Cultivating a Positive Work Environment

The average adult spends 40 to 50 hours each week at work. Even under stressful conditions, maintaining a healthy office environment impacts productivity and employee satisfaction.

Here are six ways you can create a positive work environment.

  • Encourage gratitude.  Yes, people get a paycheck and should do a good job without thanks. But a simple thank you goes a long way towards appreciation. Recognize people’s hard work.
  • Don’t get defensive when your team disagrees with you. Think about how you respond to conflict. Instead of taking disagreement as a personal affront, try to see it as a challenge to overcome. How can you overcome their issue?
  • Celebrate milestones. Anniversaries, birthdays, new homes and achievements should be celebrated. Don’t go overboard, but at least recognize major celebrations in your team’s lives.
  • Do random acts of kindness. Again, you don’t have to go over the top, but providing treats once a week or giving your team an early exit now and then can really motivate them to do better.
  • Give good benefits. Offer flexible work schedules. Give enough sick days to let people stay home when they’re sick. It will keep everyone on the team healthier. Find out what would motivate your team and find ways to make it happen. Even if you can’t give a raise, you may keep your best workers by offering benefits.
  • Treat your team with respect. Don’t micromanage your team. When someone calls in sick, accept their excuse. Treat your team like adults, not teenagers. Don’t stress when someone is a few minutes late. Don’t assume you know why someone is doing something. For example, if someone is always late from lunch, instead of getting mad because you think they’re doing it on purpose, ask what’s going on. You never know what might really be happening.

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