Common Mistakes of Entrepreneurs You Must Avoid

Launching a business and starting a career as an entrepreneur requires hard work, dedication and a solid business plan. Many new entrepreneurs make these common mistakes as they start a business. Learn how to avoid these and keep your business moving forward today.

Working Without a Contract

Many entrepreneurs will start out as an independent contractor or freelancer. A contractor without a contract has little recourse when payments are missing or the project becomes larger than originally quoted.

Be sure you have a firm contract that is clear about your role, the amount of work you’ll perform and compensation. This allows you to secure your work and ensure that you aren’t forced to perform far more duties than originally described.

Using an Inflexible Business Model

Too many businesses fail due to a rigid business model. Your startup can, and should, change dramatically as it grows. Even the best entrepreneurs need to quickly change direction as a business grows. Look for ways to keep your business viable as your financial situation, market and customers change.

Review your business plan routinely as you start your business. Many assumptions, strategies and ways of operating your business will change as you review the market and where your business is heading.

Not Reviewing Payment Terms

Do you know when you’ll receive your next paycheck? A contract should not only detail the amount you’re going to be paid, but also the timeline and method of payment. For some industries, 30 to 90 days is typical for invoices. If your business needs cash quicker than that, you’ll need to write it in the contract or look for a suitable financing solution for your company.

Choosing the Wrong Business Partners

Finally, a business is only as good as its personnel. You can’t operate a business on your own, so even the most streamlined startup will eventually bring on a few partners and key players. Be sure you thoroughly review your partners. Each one should have a vested interest in your company. One way to do this is through generous pay and benefits, but another is to offer shares in the company and more freedom and flexibility.

Avoid these mistakes to help your startup grow. A career as an entrepreneur has many ups and downs. There aren’t any tricks to guarantee success with your company, but avoiding these common mistakes is a great way to prevent common failures and offer your business the best fighting chance.

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