Fostering Corporate Social Responsibility Can Help Engage Employees and the Community

Employees today want to know that their employer (and their specific role) contributes to the greater good. Your staff wants to be proud of who they work for and what they do for a living. Connecting the dots to help your staff, and the public, understand how your corporate vision contributes to society is great for morale and can help reduce turnover. Community involvement can be equally rewarding for you as the business owner, since your projects will raise your brand profile in the local area.

Use these tips to increase your corporate social responsibility quotient and motivate employees:

Include Social Responsibility in Your Company Vision

  • If your company mission already has a social responsibility element, you are ahead of the game. Make sure you train employees about your mission and their part in it. 
  • Even if your field isn’t obviously community oriented, like accounting for example, create and write about your company’s socially responsible interests, contributions and goals.  

Go Green and Reduce Your Corporate Carbon Footprint

  • Establish office recycling policies for paper, glass, aluminum cans, etc. 
  • Encourage carpooling, provide an incentive to bike to work or take public transport, and/or allow telecommuting. 
  • Teleconference rather than travel. 

Give Back to the Community and/or Support World Causes

  • Offer to match employee charitable contributions. 
  • Provide paid volunteer days, allowing employees to volunteer for organizations they believe in. 
  • Sponsor local charitable events. 
  • Consider volunteering your entire company for a cause, like phone banking (taking calls from charitable donors), run/walks, for example. 
  • Gather clothing or nonperishable food donations for a local homeless shelter or in response to natural disasters.  

Celebrate Charitable Milestones

  • Report back to employees on company social responsibility efforts and celebrate. For instance, announce how much your team raised for the charity, how many volunteer days employees contributed this year, etc. 
  • Announce to the your customers via your website or social media.  

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