Improving Your Business’ Working Capital

Without adequate cash reserves, every company faces serious difficulties. Having sufficient working capital available is essential to fulfilling operational expenses and avoiding bankruptcy. Here are a few ways to obtain enough resources that your doors can always remain open.

Make Customers Pay

Review your collections and check that debts are being satisfied in a timely fashion. Clients that fail to pay should not be ignored. Play nice by offering incentives for meeting deadlines or get tough by threatening to cease service. Cutting someone off takes willpower, but you should never waste energy on deadbeats, even if that means hurting an associate’s feelings. Those responsible for carrying out collections can be similarly incentivized. Provide bonuses to those who meet collection thresholds and replace staffers that are unable to achieve concrete results.

Reduce Expenses

It’s easy to fall into the trap of splurging for amenities. Although they are technically an investment, luxuries are, by definition, unnecessary. Stop paying for things you can live without. Alternatively, opt for cheaper substitutes. Try negotiating with suppliers, as you may find distributors who are willing to offer lower rates in exchange for extended commitments.

Perform a Cash Flow Analysis

Examine where your income is coming from, as well as where it is going. Categorize purchasers into risk pools and flag those who are most likely to fall into default. The information this inquiry uncovers will determine which sorts of customer leads remain worth pursuing. Suppliers can be evaluated similarly. Identify which are most forgiving and favor them. Accessing emergency funding could be as easy as requesting a payment extension from an understanding wholesaler.

Review Taxes

Take every permissible tax break. Everything from ergonomic chairs to coffee creamers and swizzle sticks qualifies for a deduction. Save receipts for every office-related purchase and review them with your tax professional. Conclude by asking if there are any significant allowances you’ve missed.

Choose the Best Financing Option

Paying outright for large expenses costs less over time. If funding remains tight, however, leasing or renting is a much smarter option. The lower payments associated with financing leaves money in your pocket that can be used to grow. When times get tough, you can always try to renegotiate the terms of your agreement.

Being sure your company has enough capital to continue functioning is a critical responsibility for every business owner. If your venture requires an additional injection of legal tender, make use of these proven methods.

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