Loan Amount:

$25K to $150K

Interest Rate:

0% to 9% blended rate

FICO Score:

680 minimum

Business Types:

No restricted industries

82% of small businesses use unsecured business lines or credit card financing as a vital part of their overall funding strategy. This type of revolving credit is obtained without pledging any collateral and can be used to start, build or grow your business. Guaranteed funding for those who qualify; giving business owners an even better ROI than other financing options.


Loan Amount $25,000 to $150,000
Interest Rate Client case study found that after the 0% introductory offers ended, interest rates range between 5.0% and 8.96% as a blended interest rate (i.e. weighted average rates for all credit cards)
Credit Score 680 minimum FICO
Qualifications NO more than 3 credit inquires in the past 6 months; NO bankruptcies, collections, tax liens or late payments
Business Types Restaurants, Trucking, Medical, General Contracting, Real Estate, Retail, Other “High Risk” Industries, No “Restricted” Industries
Credit Utilization Must be 30% or less
Credit History At least one personal credit card with $5,000 limit and credit should be at least 5 years old
Borrower Startups and existing business owners
Use of Funds Property acquisitions, equipment financing, operating expenses and more (no restrictions)


  • Build Business Credit
  • Larger Credit Limits
  • No Upfront Fees
  • Low Cost Financing
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