Spring Is the Best Time to Work on Investment Property Facades

Inspecting the facade of your commercial real estate is an essential step before purchasing and as part of your yearly maintenance. Whether you inspect the facade of your owner-occupied property or have your property manager inspect an investment property for you, learn how what to look for and why spring is the best time to inspect the work on a facade.

After a long winter of cool temperatures and additional moisture, spring is an ideal time to inspect the exterior of any property. A facade in particular can be important to carefully check. Moisture and cold temperatures, particularly with freezing and thawing snow and ice, can chip, crack and otherwise compromise a facade.

Curb appeal is essential for your commercial property. Don’t let a cracked and deteriorating facade turn away customers or reduce the value of your investment property. Professional maintenance and proper care can keep your facade looking brand-new for years to come.

A professional contractor can provide the detailed inspections and quality craftsmanship you need. Whether you have a concrete, limestone, brick, marble or other facade material, improper installation can be dangerous and crack much more quickly than a professional job.

Proper inspection is also a good idea before you even purchase a property. If you’re considering investing in commercial real estate with a facade, try to have it inspected in the spring before purchasing. This will give you the best indication of the craftsmanship of the facade and any necessary maintenance.

A simple cleaning can go a long way to making your building stand out and look like a new construction. Consider investing in yearly cleaning services to promote a durable, clean and long-lasting facade. This service should be performed by a professional who understands best practices when it comes to your particular facade material. Professional cleaners can use sandblasting, pressure washing or other techniques to care for your commercial building.

Take time this spring to inspect your investment property. From basement to facade, look for signs of damage and don’t hesitate to hire a professional cleaner or contractor to protect your investment. By investing in quality repair and maintenance services, you can increase the value and lifetime of your commercial building. Take advantage of the longer days, warmer weather and snow-free weeks of spring to inspect the facade of your building. Look for signs of damage and work with experienced contractors for hassle-free repairs and thorough cleaning.

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