The 5 Most Common Driving Forces Behind an Entrepreneur

Why would anyone want to take on the challenge of becoming an entrepreneur? After all, entrepreneurship can be exhausting, physically and financially. These elements can empower and motivate you to take risks:

  • Time freedom: As an entrepreneur, theoretically, your time is your own. You can work when you want to! Of course, at least early on, you may end up working 24/7, but you’ll escape the stress of being accountable to your boss and his or her rules. You’ll have new types of stresses, with the promise of greater rewards.
  • Autonomy: Being your own boss is a heady idea that many people dream of. Entrepreneurs become independent, making their own decisions by creating something new. There’s great value in being in charge of your own destiny and building your own business, despite the responsibility that you must take on. The buck stops with you now.
  • Team building: As the boss, you get to set up and define all the roles in your new business, and hire the right people. You can work with only those that you respect and genuinely like. There will still be disagreements, but for most entrepreneurs, choosing your own team is worth it.
  • Financial rewards: There have been many mega-success stories in the entrepreneurial space, including the founders of Google, Facebook, Paypal and many more. Your great idea could become the next disruptor that brings innovation to a cumbersome industry as invisible aligners have done in the orthodontia space. You could continue to grow your business, or sell it to a big name that loves your concept, now that you’ve gotten it started–or wants to eliminate you as a potential competitor). Then you can fund your next big idea.
  • Fame and admiration: As a successful entrepreneur, or even one who tried and failed, you can take pride in striking out on your own, and following your own vision. You may transform your industry, creating lasting changes that will be felt from now on. You may become the head of a well-known brand, easily recognized on the street or industry events. You may create something to hand down to your family. Any or all of these achievements are gratifying and rewarding for the person who started it all—that’s you.

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