The Best Advice for Startup Entrepreneurs

Every startup is its own unique adventure, but the successful ones use many of the same strategies. Keep reading to find out about the tactics leaders of startups can use to survive and thrive.

Lean On Mentors

Today, there are more learning tools for entrepreneurs than ever before. However, there is no replacement for having a good mentor. Successful startups often rely on advice from business leaders who have experience. They can tell you about both their successes and mistakes to avoid. According to, places you might find a mentor include community groups, your alma mater, and business associations. There are also online resources for forging mentor-mentee relationships.

Be Sustainable

Startups are not sustainable unless they offer a product or service customers want. Ask yourself: Is my company going to provide something new that people want? If it is not new, is it better and/or cheaper than alternatives that already exist? If the answer to those questions is no, then you may need to rethink what your business is offering.

Share a Vision with Employees

Leaders of startups need to surround themselves with people who share their vision. As tempting as it may be to hire a friend or family member, they may not work out if they do not share the entrepreneur’s mission—and it will be hurtful to fire them. Before hiring anyone, make sure potential employees are a good fit for your company’s values.

Spend Wisely

Every penny a startup spends should have the direct goal of enticing customers, whether by developing your company’s product or drawing attention to it. For instance, it makes no sense to spend money on lavish office furnishings that customers will never see. Focus your spending on developing your product and marketing it to customers.

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