The Easy Way to Make Sure Your Office Is Diverse and Inclusive

Owners and leaders of businesses should be committed to fostering integrity as well as profitability. Part of this commitment involves creating company cultures that promote diversity and inclusion in the workforce. Not only is this practice ethically sound, but it also leads to increased innovation, greater value for clients, and stronger growth. Here are some strategies you can put into effect to ensure more diversity and inclusion in your office environment.

Mentor Upcoming Talent

A culture of mentorship builds an inclusive office environment that nurtures a range of talent and viewpoints. Encourage your experienced employees to accept the responsibility of taking on a mentor’s role with new colleagues. The absorption of diverse life and career experiences brings an open-mindedness and dynamism to your workplace that will stimulate creativity and growth.

Promote Leadership Deliberately

When selecting potential candidates for promotion, consider possibilities from a pool that includes diverse genders, races, religions, and backgrounds. Remember that the long-term vision is to have a more equal balance of women and underrepresented people. This is good for your company and your clients, who will have access to more diverse perspectives currently and in the future. Carefully evaluate your company culture to be sure that there are no impediments to an inclusive office environment.

Allow for the Readjustment of New Parents

Employees coming back to work after an extended absence for parenting need time to readjust to the demands of the workplace. Show consideration for those returning from leaves by allowing them a lighter workload at first. This gives them the opportunity to learn to balance their dual roles as parents and employees without compromising the effectiveness of their work. Such an arrangement is not only better for the returning employee, but also benefits the company as well.

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