Why Founders Should Never Lose the Ability to Sell to Customers

Although creating a startup and pursuing sales require very different skill sets, it’s extremely useful for entrepreneurs to have experience in selling their products or services. Selling is not only enjoyable, but you also meet potential clients, develop relationships, and derive new insights into your business and what it has to offer.

Here are some strategies to keep in mind to help you become more proficient at sales.

Be Patient

Don’t expect sales to automatically come to pass. It takes time and patience to close deals, especially when it comes to major accounts. You may have to develop personal relationships with owners, stakeholders, and other decision-making individuals. Be prepared to invest months on important sales.

Cultivate Trust

It’s one thing to sell to contacts that your company has already worked with and another to sell to prospects you’re meeting for the first time. Before prospective customers open important accounts with your company, they need to have the confidence that they can trust you and that you’ll deliver on what you have promised.

Study Techniques

Selling has its own specific set of skills that you should learn to master. For instance, the elevator pitch is a quick 30-second description of the main points of your business. A sales script is comprised of a series of answers to hypothetical questions that you prepare in advance before you start selling by phone. You also need to be ready to formally ask prospective clients to take further steps in the sales process once you have given them a pitch.

Devise a Strategy

Create a series of steps that you take clients through from first contact to closing. These may include your introductory conversation, a demonstration of your product or service, an estimate of the cost and your client’s potential return on investment, a final get-together with all the responsible people, and the closing.

Develop Resilience

You’re used to experiencing high and low points as you run your business, and the process of sales is no different. You’ll inevitably encounter obstacles as you proceed with your sales strategy. Work through these concerns as you continue to interact with the customer.

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